Relaxation massage uses smooth and long strokes. The primary purpose of this treatment will be to help you relax: calm your nervous system, relieve stress and promote a sense of well being.


If you have particular muscle tension or chronic pain a remedial massage may be for you. Your massage therapist will assess where you need treatment and what may be causing your pain. They’ll perform some tests to see which muscles are giving you trouble and will tailor a treatment plan to suit. The treatment itself may involve deeper work if indicated for your condition.


Your deep tissue therapist will use little to no oil during the treatment.  This helps to effectively treat the fascia layer.  Once the connective tissue is released, muscles can be picked up and stretched to lengthen and reduce restriction.  Slow steady pressure can then be applied to promote better alignment of the deep muscle structure.  Deep tissue massage is an alternative approach to treat chronic pain and scar tissue that has not improved from other massage modalities.

This treatment is customized to the needs of a mother and her changing body through use of a maternity bolster or side lying positioning. 

First trimester massage is a gentle and relaxing treatment.  Second trimester therapy focuses on calming tender muscles and increasing your happiness hormones.  Third trimester massage concentrates on easing sciatic nerve pain, anxiety, aches and swelling.  


For this grounding treatment, basalt stones are heated in water and placed along certain areas of the body.  Your therapist will also use the stones as an extension of the hand, to melt away stress and ease muscle stiffness.

Smooth salt stones, from the Himalayan Mountains, are used throughout this healing treatment.  Warmed Himalayan salt restores balance to the energy pathways while replenishing your body with vital trace minerals.


We can bring the treatment to you. 

Perfect for a retreat, corporate wellness day, monthly office visit, or a spa party.  Please contact us for more information.

Minimum booking required.

This ancient healing art uses negative pressure to pull up skin and underlying tissue into a cup.  It can be used to release fascia and muscle restriction, draw out waste from tissues, bring in fresh circulation to an area, move lymph fluid, and break down scars while enhancing collagen production.


This session provides clients the opportunity to enter a deep state of calm, enhancing the relaxation or therapeutic massage.  Meditation is based on Yoga Nidra to create a clear connection between body & mind.  As the meditation takes you through the levels of awareness, your body connection is reinforced with the massage.



Begin with a gentle face massage, then a relaxing oil blend of jojoba, lavender, roman chamomile, vetiver, geranium, clary sage, myrtle and orange applied to forehead, neck and shoulders. Ending with a scalp massage.  15 minutes.  + $20


Begin with a face and scalp massage to ease tension.  Followed by an oil blend of jojoba, peppermint, eucalyptus, lavender, and rosemary applied to the hairline, neck and shoulders.  Ending with occipital release.  15 minutes.  + $20


Add in warm massage stones during your back treatment.  + $15

Some essential oils are not recommended for clients with epilepsy, during pregnancy or breastfeeding.  Please discuss concerns with your therapist prior

to booking an add-on service.  Treatments containing citrus oils can cause photosensitivity, please avoid direct sunlight for 12 hours after application.

Cancellation Policy

Please provide 24 hours notice when cancelling your booking so we may offer that time to another client.  In non-emergency situations, appointments cancelled with less than 24 hours notice will be charged 50% of the service price if that time does not get filled.  No show, no call situations will result in the full amount charged to your file.


thank you for understanding

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