New Salt Therapy Service Starting February 2, 2018

Himalayan Salt Stone Massage is being added to our service list at

B r e a t h e !

Salt sourced from the Himalayan Mountains, are hand-carved into these healing stones. These stone are warmed, applied with coconut oil, and used as an extension of the therapist's hands during a full body massage. When heated Himalayan salt releases negative ions, which balance out positive ions that have been shown to make the body more acidic and susceptible to inflammation. In an age where technology is abundant and we are exposed to more positive ions, this treatment offers a truly therapeutic experience.

Other benefits of this treatment include:

- deep relaxation

- light exfoliation

- alkalizes the skin

- nourishes the skin with 84 naturally occurring minerals

- restore balance to the body's energy pathways

For more information, please contact me @ 403.896.0510


Breathe Massage and Wellness is located on mainstreet Lacombe, Alberta.

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